Revive Your Curls

It take patience when trying to transition your curls. Mila Rose products have protein that can help your transitioning period. Each product is formulated with rich plant based ingredients. Try it today.


Build Your Subscription Box & Save $10 using MICA19

Our customers now have the option to build their own subscription box at checkout. Here at Mila Rose, we wanted to make life easier for our customers. Instead of reordering your favorite products, you now have the option of picking which items you want and how frequently you want them (ex. Every 1 month, every 2 months, every 5 months,etc). 

How Does it Work?

1. Visit our collection and add the items you want in your subscription box to your shopping cart.

2. At check out, you are given the option to subscribe and save $$ off.

3. Click how frequent you want to receive the item (you can change which items you want to receive on your subscribed month.)

4. Subscription box is shipped out the 15th of the subscribed month. 


"Took me a while to get used to the shampoo not being so foamy especially with my thick hair but the results are amazing!"



"Love the shampoo so much & the conditioner detangles my curls so freaking easily ! 🙌👍💕 yass"



We love your products at Hairitage. They are perfect for our family salon because they cater to all ages and hair types! So glad we found you! 💕



trust me when I tell you it smells like a piece of candy and a flower had a baby! It’s amazing!!!



Yesterday being wash day I got to try out some awesome products 💖👀 I used the whole combo, the shampoo definitely is very moisturizing. I love love love the curl custard (I call it 🤭) it definitely helped define each curl and limited the amount of frizz! Living in Florida the humidity is so high! So I’m glad this helps control it!