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Mila Rose Hair Care is filling a void in the curl-care category that can often stir confusion, especially for those embarking on their natural hair journeys. With the many products on the market that promise to stiffen, smooth, define and volumize; Mila Rose Hair Care looks to demystify curl routines that can feel like an all-day ritual. The all-natural brand offers effortless essentials for curls with real ingredients for real result and encourages women to embrace their curly hair journeys and nourish their natural textures with handcrafted, salon-quality products that transparently deliver superior moisture and are free from ingredients that can be damaging to curly and coily hair types.

Streamlining the Curly Hair Journey

Understanding the many concerns that curly-haired consumers face such as hydration, scalp health, shrinkage, detangling, definition and delicate strands, was key to Mila Rose Hair Care’s mission to produce a line of simplified, ingredient  inspired products that offer organic solutions to promote hair health, while filling a void in the marketplace and a need for transparency. The brand delivers transforming ingredients for beautifully healthy curls at every stage; from the big chop to heat-styled hair, and everything in between!

Pure Organic Ingredients For All Hair Types

Inspired by her infant daughter’s dry hair issues, Micaella Mosley dreamed of crafting a line of chemical- free, organic hair products that are safe for all hair types from children to seniors. Now, she' s created an approachable hair care brand built on 2 years of research and education, representing everything needed to help quench thirsty curls. Mila Rose Hair Care is enriched with the purest organic ingredients such as aloe vera, neroli plant, avocado, almond, soy protein and rose oil, that were carefully chosen for their amazing beauty benefits.



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