Are Parabens Bad For Your Hair?

Are Parabens Bad For Your Hair?

Why Are Parabens Bad for Your Hair?

A decade or two ago we weren’t so conscious about the ingredients in our skin or hair care products. Thanks to the progress and advancement of the world, people have become more enlightened, knowledgeable, and health-conscious. They do not blindly follow the traditional methods or use the easily available products but rather research and find the benefits and disadvantages of the product. Most users now are more aware of what they should put on their skin, scalp, and hair but some still are in the process of learning, the quest for growth in this generation is applause-able.

The result of this progress has led us to understand how parabens are damaging our hair. A number of haircare products contain parabens just because they are inexpensive and replicate the function of the microbial agent in plants. If you are eager to learn we will take you through what harm paraben causes to the hair. and what actually paraben is?

What Is Paraben?

Introduced in the 1950s to hinder the buildup of bacteria and mold in cosmetics and hair care products, paraben is a chemical preservative. There are a number of parabens including isobutyl paraben, propylparaben, butylparaben, methylparaben, and ethylparaben. The majority of parabens are low-priced, functional, and fulfill their duty of protecting the products and increasing their service life.

If parabens were only limited to this function no one would have objected but the worrisome problem is that our skin (even the scalp skin) absorbs paraben which then freely floats in our body, traces of which have been found in urine and blood samples. Let’s see what actual harm paraben causes to our bodies.

Effect of Paraben on Hair

There is a reason why hair experts advise using paraben-free hair products. Paraben plays a major role in damaging the hair texture and scalp skin. The product that contains paraben is not actually treating your concerns but rather worsening them.

1. Hair Loss

If you have bought a paraben-containing product to enhance your hair texture and increase hair growth. In actuality, it can lead to completely opposite results, hair loss, and frizz. 

2. Aggregate Scalp Condition

Parabens are highly harmful to people with scalp conditions, such as psoriasis, dandruff, dryness, irritation, sensitivity, hair loss, etc. They can worsen the condition which may lead to greater misery. Few people are allergic to this chemical preservative and any contact with it can cause allergies.

3. Fades Hair Color

Hair salons recommend using a color protectant shampoo and other hair products because paraben in other haircare products causes the loss of hair color. The hair turns out to be very differently colored which you certainly don’t desire. To save yourself from this struggle always opt for a paraben-free shampoo. It will make the hair color last longer.

4. Dehydrated Hair

Though we do not see any immediate harm from paraben and that is the major reason some of us still haven’t shifted to non-paraben hair products. Paraben-containing hair products clean the buildup but certain molecules in it cause the loss of moisture by evaporating the necessary water.

Other Harms of Paraben

As discussed earlier, parabens have this quality to be absorbed by the scalp skin which isn’t a good sign because paraben has estrogen-like qualities. Estrogen is a hormone responsible for developing female characteristics of the body, such as breasts. The estrogenicity of parabens results in the formation of breast cells, the breast cells grow and divide often causing cancer. The test results of breast cancer patients have shown traces of parabens in their breast tissues. Isn’t it scary!

The consequences of paraben aren’t just limited to breast cancer but it also can contribute to skin cancer. The cellular damage caused by harmful sun rays, known as UV rays can transform into skin cancer because of paraben. Paraben promotes cellular damage leading it to become skin cancer.

Acne, disruptive functioning of hormones, early puberty, thyroid issues, breast growth in males, and other reproductive problems have been linked with paraben.

If you want to save yourself and your loved ones from the damaging effects of paraben it is a great chance to part your ways from paraben-containing products and shift to healthier, natural, and organic solutions.

Healthier Replacement of Paraben

The advancement in the haircare industry has been very beneficial. Many products have been developed that are free of chemical toxins, preservatives, and other harmful ingredients that could cause damage to the hair and scalp. The best tip is to look into the product ingredients if there are any parabens, sulfates, etc. immediately put that away. Mila Rose hair kit is free of harsh ingredients. Each product is enriched with vitamins, protein, fruit extracts, and other healthful ingredients.

The nourishing shampoo infused with soy protein and neroli oil hydrates and nitrifies the hair strands, improve the hair texture, and keeps the scalp health in check. The nourishing conditioner is suffused with the goodness of lightweight hydrating and nourishing oils to keep the hair and scalp healthy. 2 in 1 silkening leave-in conditioner has oils and vitamins ideal for protecting the hair from any damage. The deep conditioner nourishes the hair’s cortex and enhances hair health. Lastly, the curl custard is an optimal solution for defining the curls and flaunting them.

All these beauties can be your destiny. Don’t make your hair deprived of this goodness any longer. Get your Mila Rose hair Mila rose hair kit now. If you care about your loved one’s health, this can be the best gift ever.  


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