Does the Curly Girl Method Work?

Does the Curly Girl Method Work?

Our every single wish does not come true on a silver plate. Most of these desires demand hard work from our side. The same goes for our curly hair journey. We have a long way to go when we decide to learn the methods of management and care for our naturally curly hair. People with curly, coily, and wavy hair use the CG technique to prosper its realistic texture.

Mila Rose acknowledges that you deserve excellent hair growth with vibrant and strong curls. The curly girl method alongside the mentioned brand's products can restore all the moisture your transition curly hair needs. Transitioning curls is not as difficult as it seems. Because all you need is a determination to achieve your goal.

Why Does It Take So Long?

Straight hair remained this society's beauty standard for a long time. Everyone took them as an ideal approach and utilized different chemicals and flat irons to meet that glamour criterion. But, that was never the future of naturally curly hair so, a girl named Lorraine introduced a unique method for the growth of natural hair without the big chop. She started a marvellous hair treatment, now known as the curly girl transition method.

We all know, the curly hair transition does not happen overnight. It requires a decent amount of time and patience to consume. But why? The answer to this question is not simple at all. Because transition goes through lots of processes and phases to reach a specific mark. Here, in this article, we will try to unleash those time-consuming stages and procedures.

Stage No 1: Cleansing The Dirt Plus Oil

The step that takes the most time out of all is “transferring to sulfate-free shampoo” from the one containing both these ingredients. But, why do you need to change this habit of yours? Because sulfate alongside clearing dirt, grease, and build-up rinses out all the important oils from your hair roots that are actually necessary for curly hair protection. This kind of wash turns out to be the worst step in the journey of achieving outclass results for your hair to transition. You need to massage your scalp with your ‘co-washing' shampoo. A co-wash shampoo produces friction between your scalp and fingertips and washes out the dead skin.

Deciding on switching shampoo having harsh chemical ingredients to the healthier one is easy but choosing a good brand is a real challenge. We can definitely save you from the struggle by inferring a perfect brand for your needs. Mila Rose's shampoo is CGM approved and contains Neroli and Avocado Oil which is the best moisture, your curly hair ever encountered.

Stage No 2: Switch Your Conditioner

This step is not more diverse in its usage than before. You apply your conditioner in the same way as you have been applying until now. But, what makes it a stage that expects a while to adjust to your newly acquired goal? Your hair reaches the conditioning stage after a totally flipped shampooing product. This makes your hair sensitive to new adoptions and the beginning results do not feel convincing. But, don’t worry, slowly but gradually, these outcomes will begin to do wonders and you will start feeling proud of your decisions.

On the other hand, your transfer to sulfate-free shampoo indicates your switch of conditioner as well. In the CGM, you are not supposed to totally rinse off your conditioner. You have to leave some of the product, in your hair, for moisturizing purposes. But, if the product contains silicone or sulfate, it might be a bad decision. Mila Rose's deep conditioner is your best choice because it is formulated just as you needed.

Stage No 3: Different Styling Techniques

This is the last step of all major steps that take time to adjust to the new environment. The styling techniques vary from one individual to another. CGM asks for total abandonment of heat styling, bleaching and blow drying, etc. Whereas, UV protection, frizz prevention, and retention of moisturizer are your main goals of styling until your CG method goes on.

Transitioning curls of naturally curly hair is not an instant task to accomplish as it seems. Your selection of Mila Rose products does not obtain its mark until you do not know the actual application. You are required to separate the sections of your hair, apply a moderate amount of product and then scrunch it upwards. Moreover, this series of dos also acquire some time to finalize the results. Patience is the key to your fruitful achievements. The hair growth after these stages will be remarkable and extraordinary. The reasons why the curly girl method seizes a lot of time. It is because you need alterations in almost every step you have been applying to your hair, until now. And your hair requires a little time to adjust to these changes.


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