How can I manage my curls in the summer heat?

How can I manage my curls in the summer heat?

Summer is a great time of the year for vacations, pool parties, and having fun. But just like everything summer does have its downside. The drawback that comes with this season is the increased humidity in the air and extended exposure to UV rays that not only damage the skin but can prove to be harsh for the hair.

Curls are uncertain, even during normal temperatures. you might have witnessed that some days your curls are surprisingly obedient and follow their pattern marvelously and on other days they refuse to cooperate and become curly frizzy hair. But the curling game becomes a little extra challenging in hot weather.  

Why Do My Curls Get Frizzy in Summer?

Increasing temperature either due to harsh hot weather or heating tools causes curl damage to a great extent and gives rise to curly frizzy hair.

Hot climate, harmful UV rays, chlorine water in pools, and increased humidity in the air can damage any hair type. Curls being the most delicate of all hair categories demand a little more effort during summers. When curls are exposed to high temperatures without any shield it takes away the necessary moisture making curly frizzy hair.

Curly hair is formed of different types of bonds like oil, fats, keratin, and water. When the curls are introduced to the heating tool or harsh weather it excoriates the other bonds leaving water molecules exposed thus the increasing temperature evaporates the water molecules and results in frizzy hair. These dried curls seek moisture from the humidity in the air which upshots curly frizzy hair.

As the heat exposure increases it becomes necessary to protect your curls. In order to save the coils from damage due to increasing temperature or heating tools and avoid curly frizzy hair, it is important to follow a proper hair care regime for curly hair.

How to Care for Curls During Hot Weather?

To maintain the soft locks, protect them from becoming frizzy hair, and strengthen the texture of spiral loops it is important to show your curls a little more love and care during hot weather. Here are some basic steps you can follow;

  1. Deep Conditioning

Extreme weather contributes to dry and frizzy hair which makes the curl lose its shine and contort its natural pattern. Such conditions make it difficult to manage curly frizzy hair and also devastate self-confidence. To revive your curls and to save them from any future damage it is best to go through a deep conditioning session once in a while, ideally every week.

Deep conditioner by Mila Rose is infused with healing properties of Aloe vera that contains proteolytic enzymes known for healing the damage causing curly frizzy hair and making curls soft and shiny. The mango butter in it restores the lost charm, tames the frizzy hair, and strengthens the hair strands preventing split ends, breakage, or hair loss. The amazing components of this deep conditioner contain Pro-vitamin B5, the hydrating molecules of which nourish the hair from within by penetrating deep into the hair cortex. And lastly, the vitamin-infused rich fatty acid benefits of coconut eliminate the curly frizzy hair and restores soft, beautiful, and healthy curls.

  1. Leave-in Conditioner

To protect your soft and pretty spiral loops from the damage of heating tools and harsh weather applying a leave-in conditioner should be considered an obligatory step. The importance of a leave-in conditioner is far beyond providing hydration for a longer duration.

Mila Rose leave-in conditioner is an ideal pick for everyday use, especially in this increasingly hot weather. The goodness of soy protein and jasmine oil deals efficiently with curly frizzy hair by moisturizing the hair shafts. The lightweight jasmine oil penetrates the hair cuticles, nourishes the curls, and seals the moisture in them. The vitamins suffused rose oil together with pro-vitamin B5 helps to nourish the dry strands of curls and creates a shield around them. While encountering heating tools or harsh weather it acts as a defense and protects the curls from becoming curly frizzy hair.

  1. For Defining Curls

Curly hair is admired by a lot of people but they only look praiseworthy when they have a proper texture, shape, softness, and shine to them. No one adores it when they lose their moisture and become curly frizzy hair due to the harshness of the weather. To evade frizzy hair and gain impressive curls make curl custard your best friend.

The defining curl custard by Mila Rose treats dehydrated, dry, and frizzy hair with the magical spell of vitamin E, wheat protein, and other amazing handpicked ingredients free of animal cruelty. Vitamin E helps to properly define your natural curl pattern by fighting the damage causing free radicals and protecting the outer lipid layer of curls. Wheat protein dissolves instantly into the curls and improves the curly frizzy hair texture. The bergamia fruit oil is another hydrating key element that tames frizzy hair and makes them soft. And lastly, Aloe Vera provides a little more fondness that curly hair requires. It sorts out the tangles, seals the moisture, and enhances the curl texture.

Taking care of curls in the increasingly hot weather can often become a big hassle but investing in good quality products can ease the struggle. The curls will remain intact, much more manageable, and trouble-free if treated correctly with suitable products.




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