How Can I Tame My Toddler’s Frizzy Hair?

How Can I Tame My Toddler’s Frizzy Hair?

Do you want your toddler to have soft, bouncy, and perfect curly hair? but it looks like an unachievable dream because no matter what you try it isn’t working and you are running out of solutions. Worry not! We all have been through that phase and trust me, I have come up with a perfect guide that will help you to tame your toddler’s frizzy curly hair.


Curly hair is prone to frizz which distorts the curl definition, builds frustration, and ruins confidence. The major hurdle in protecting them from becoming frizzy is the lack of moisture due to their natural texture and curl pattern. The hair follicles of curly hair are flat or ovate, unlike straight or wavy hair, due to which the natural oil does not reach the coily hair strands making them dry, coarse, and frizzy.


The frizz and lack of nourishment contribute to the damage and the dryness of frizzy hair makes them an easy target. Curly hair becomes susceptible to the destruction of harmful UV rays, split ends, and breakage. There are hair products like shampoo and conditioner for curly hair to combat the loss but it will take time to heal if the damage has already occurred. Our utmost priority must be to protect the coily hair from any possible vandalism.  


How to Tame Toddlers’ Frizzy Hair?

 The key to protecting and maintaining flawless beautiful curly hair is to provide a lot of hydration and to make sure that the moisture stays in for a long duration.

1. Chemical-free Hair Products

To avoid the embarrassment of having frizzy hair the utmost priority should be on investing in good quality curly hair styling products. As discussed earlier, curly hair lacks a natural source of moisture hence it is necessary to provide hydration by the hair products specially designed for curly hair.

Mila Rose a rising curly hair brand is known for handcrafting curly hair products. The ingredients of which are carefully picked to hydrate and nourish the curly and coily hair. Its hair products are reliable and free of sulfates, paraben, and other harsh chemicals that could damage the natural curl pattern in the long run.

It is important to understand the necessity of a sulfate-free shampoo for curly hair if you want to tame the frizzy hair of your toddler. The sulfate along with other relentless chemicals damages curly hair by stripping off its natural moisture leaving coily hair dehydrated and prone to breakage with deformed curl definition.

2. Organic Hair Care

The second most important thing to consider while buying curl shampoo and conditioner for your toddler’s hair care is that the shampoo and conditioner for curly hair must be organic. Organic curl shampoo and conditioner contain natural components that are actually beneficial for your toddler’s curl definition.

Ingredients such as proteins, vitamins, and lightweight essential oils contribute to the hydration, nourishment, and enhancement of curl definition by taming the frizz and fighting the causes of frizz. Mila Rose hair care has some best organic hair products infused with the amazing goodness of pro-vitamin B5, vitamin E, soy protein, wheat protein, and natural nourishing oils.

3. Leave-in Conditioner Is the Best Buddy

For your toddler’s coily hair there can be nothing more worthwhile than introducing a curling conditioner to their curly hair routine. The importance and necessity of a regular rinse-off conditioner have their own position but a leave-in conditioner plays a key role in taming the frizzy curls of your toddler.

It would not be wrong to say leave-in conditioners are made for frizzy hair. The amazing formula of Mila Rose 2 in 1 silkening leave-in conditioner compliments the curl shampoo and together they make an ideal curly hair routine. The super protective and softening formula of the leave-in conditioner is a perfect pick for your regular use.

The leave-in conditioner for curly hair contains intense hydrating lightweight jasmine oil that penetrates and moisturizes the hair shafts and cuticles due to its easy absorption rate. It eliminates frizz by maintaining balanced hydration and elasticity. Rose oil in it also a super effective hydrating product that revitalizes hair health enhances the curl definition, and provides a perfect curl pattern. A powerful humectant, pro-vitamin B5 helps to lock the moisture and prevent moisture loss which keeps curly intact and free of frizz.

4. Hairstyling Products

Mums love to create beautiful hairstyles for their toddlers but often these hairstyles damage the curl pattern because either they are too tight, create tangles, or breakage. But this shouldn’t stop you from playing with your toddler’s curly hair, just follow some simple guidelines.

Consider Leave-in conditioner as a must-have. It makes the hair soft and tangle-free. It creates a protective layer around the hair shafts for defense against external harms like harsh weather, Uv rays, humidity, and heating tools. Its active ingredients provide strength and support which makes it easy to create a unique hairstyle for your toddler. Leave-in conditioner can be used as a curly hair styling product just before planning to make a hairstyle.

Toddlers getting frizzy hair is normal because of them being super active beings their curly hair catches a lot of environmental harm making their hair dry, brittle, and frizzy. The frizz causes hair damage and great pain while detangling it’s better to invest in hair products that bring softness, ease, and beauty to curly hair. Don’t wait, get yours right now.


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