How Do You Apply Curl Custard?

How Do You Apply Curl Custard?

How Do You Apply Curl Custard?

Properly defined curls give a very posh, sumptuous, and high-class look. However, maintaining curly hair can become quite a scuffle. They tend to get dry, frizzy, and brittle easily because of their natural build. To sustain the beauty and elegance of naturally curly texture a boost of hydration is required and amongst all the moisturizing defining curl products curl custard is known for its additional dose of nourishment.  

The majority of people even the ones with curly hair are unaware of curly hair custard and the wondrous results that it provides. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that hair custard is amongst one of the best defining curl products that you could offer your curls. It bestows your spiral loops with enough hydration that they regain their shape, looks healthy, and appear bouncy. Curly hair custard gives your curls a smooth definition and allows you to enjoy your soft and properly defined curls.

How to Apply Curl Custard?

After getting to know how amazing this curl-defining product is you must be curious to gain more knowledge about it. If you are new in the market of defining curl products, the application of hair custard can look a little messy and complicated act but trust us, it’s not! It is simple, not that technical, and the results are worth the effort.

  1. The Amount of Product


Here is what you can say is the first and foremost important step where usually people ruin the curling game. Defining custard is suffused with all the hydrating ingredients necessary for the health of curly hair. It is composed of lightweight oils, vitamins, proteins, and other nutrient-filled components. All these ingredients due to having a rich consistency add up in the form of a cream. Now the curly hair custard because of being creamy in nature spreads easily across the curls and a little amount of hair custard is enough.

When you put in more curl custard it may cause your hair to become sticky, greasy, and with visible residues that could totally ruin the look for you. Curly hair experts advise applying a little amount and spreading that evenly over the selected section of hair. You can always add more if required because applying more and taking out the excess product is a hassle no one wants.

Some hair might require more hair custard than others. For example, super curly coiled hair is extremely dry and brittle and it would require more hair custard to hydrate and settle them. Whereas, curl custard for wavy hair can be used in smaller quantities so that it may not overburden the hair and make them look muggy.   

  1. Procedure

The method of application of defining curl custard is plain and user-friendly. The first step is to nicely section the hair into manageable partitions with the help of a wide tooth comb. Once the sections are defined, secure all the sections except from which you are going to start. An important tip to avoid sticky hair is that the custard for curly hair must be applied to wet hair.

Take a little quantity of defining custard at the beginning for defining the natural hair into perfectly shaped curls. Spread the hair custard evenly on the hair from the top edge to the lower one. You can add more defining custard if needed. Either shape the curls with the help of your fingers or scrunch them to get the natural curly shape. Apply the same procedure to the rest of the partitions. To enjoy the maximum benefits let your hair air dry. Ta-da! It’s done, wait till it dries and enjoy your soft loops.  

If your hair dries in between the process of application, sprinkle some water to get them wet again because even if you apply the best curling custard on dry hair it will look super terrible and greasy.

A significant rule in the application of curl custard for defining the curls on natural hair is that if your hair is naturally curly take small feasible sections of hair so that the product soaks in easily. In the case of curl custard for wavy hair, you can take a little more hair chunk because the coils need extra care and massage so that the product absorbs in quickly.

  1. Aftercare

Once you have applied the curl custard for natural hair the predominant step is to let the hair air dry. If you want to achieve the perfectly soft and bouncy swings allow them to dry on their own. The botch that occurs is that the girls can’t stop touching their lovely curls while they are drying and this touching leads to frizz and dissatisfied results. Here when they think that the product isn’t good enough but the actual cause is the constant stirring. Let your affection wait and do not tap the hair while they are drying naturally.

The process of application of defining curl custard might be a little time-consuming but trust us you will love your curls even more after using this and with practice, you will become a pro at it.  Don’t forget to apply your curl custard next time when you step out.

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