How Long Does It Take for Curly Hair to Transition?

How Long Does It Take for Curly Hair to Transition?

Your transition period often happens when you start your naturally curly hair journey. You feel like you are ready to go, got all the stuff like expensive accessories and curly hair products. But, everything goes wrong and your hair looks crispy and weighed down instead of curly.

There are a few special people out there, who do not get a transition period and from the very first wash day, their hair looks amazing. But, not everyone is blessed with these perks. If you aren’t among those lucky ones it doesn’t mean transitioning won’t work for you. It will! But with a little patience and the right technique.

Through this article, we will help you to understand curly hair transition, how to help yourself during the transition phase, and why does it happen?

What Is Transition?

Transition is a process of moving from one state to another, at a certain time. And when it comes to transition curly hair, we witness a movement from sulfate-enriched hair products to sulfate-free products. A curly-haired person needs to learn different techniques and figure out which product as well as a strategy works better for his or her naturally curly hair. We have a very decent suggestion that pushes you to start your hair growth process with the Mila Rose Hair Care kit.

How Long Does It Take?

Transitioning curls could roughly take up to 12 or 18 months. You can witness your transition curly hair process in different steps.

  1. Growth Is Time Consuming

The length of your hair does not increase instantly. Mostly, it takes up almost 3 to 4 months to grow 2 to 3 inches only. Your trials of different products and then finding out the best option is also a time taking process. Your hair finds it really difficult to adjust to totally changed chemicals. But Mila Rose covers you with their products. Their shampoo, deep and leave-in conditioner, custard, and other products are made up of natural products. These products usually build a happy connection between them and your hair.

  1. A Little Speed Boost With Chops

You can manage to speed up your hair transition process. When we say a 'big chop', the idea of cutting all your damaged hair, comes to our mind. Natural hair without a big chop is also an option to avail. In this method, you do not cut your curly hair in bigger sections instead trim them on regular basis.

But, if your main motive is going back to naturally curly hair as soon as possible then big chops are the winner. Furthermore, whether you make a stop on a big chop or not, your hair still needs a moderate amount of time to transition to curly hair.

  1. Set The Proportions of Shampooing And Conditioning

    • Firstly, switch to the sulfate-free shampoo by Mila Rose Hair Care and then set a proper usage schedule. It means to wash your curly hair with this shampoo, not more than two times a week. Because your curly hair does not need regular shampooing and cleansing unless you have had a sweating workout, a dirt encounter, or product build-up from a few days. Such precautions are necessary during this transitioning curls
    • Secondly, deep condition your hair with Mila Rose’s conditioner after every shower. Moreover, they also bring forward their leave-in conditioner which you can use without considering the proportion of shampooing. Because it nourishes your naturally curly hair by providing moisture to your chemically damaged hair.
  2. Defining Curl Custard Is A Big Help

Mila Rose introduces another miraculous product which is their curl custard. Apply a moderate amount of it, in your hair, and scrunch your hair to create some beautiful curl

clumps for your hair to transition.


Why Does It Happen?

The transition period happens for several reasons.

  1. First of all, sometimes your hair holds extreme damage. Maybe, because of the heat styling, straightening, bleaching, and most importantly the wrong choice of products. We cannot expect our hair to just bounce back to full curl health, overnight just after the first transitioning wash. Some curly heads prefer chopping off their hair because of peak damage. while there are few others whose hair comes back to a certain degree of health, easily. So, it is just a case of waiting it out.
  2. Secondly, your hair needs a little bit of time to get used to being treated like curly hair. It is because of their previous encounters with harsh styling techniques, tools, and chemical-enriched hair products. Once you put a pause on these hair-damaging processes and start switching to healthy hair products, they require a while to get used to your new routine.

Transitioning curly hair might be a tough journey that requires a lot of patience, hard work, and self-confidence but once you achieve your goal you will realize it is the best thing you have done for your curly hair. To bring you some ease in your transition journey Mila Rose hair products will always be your source of comfort.


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