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How Often Should I use Leave in Conditioner

When Do I Need To Use A Leave in Conditioner?

Traditional rinse-off conditioner and leave-in conditioner having the same name often confuses people and some might even think it is enough to use one of them. If you have been thinking the same, it’s high time to rethink. They both serve their own functions in hydrating dry and frizzy hair but when we rinse off the product it is no longer benefiting us. Whereas benefits of leave-in conditioner are long-lasting as they stay in our hair till the next wash.

What Is a Leave-In Conditioner?

It’s a treat for curly frizzy hair! Though they work well on every hair type, dry and frizzy hair gains the most benefit from it. There are multiple benefits of leave-in conditioner,

It restores the moisture stripped away by the shampoo
Hydrates the dry and frizzy hair
Help the curly frizzy hair to re-establish beautiful curls
Treats the damage and protects the hair from further damage


Having such benefits and many more inspires us to include this product in our hair care regime. But the question arises how often should we be using a leave-in conditioner? In every wash just like shampoo or once a week like a conditioning mask?

Don’t worry! We are here to solve this puzzle. Read on to get to know how often your hair needs a leave-in conditioner.

How Often Should I Use a Leave-In Conditioner?

Leave-in conditioner makes the dry and frizzy hair a lot more manageable and also enhances the locks of curly and frizzy hair,but have you ever noticed your hair are quickly getting greasier than usual, the very next day of the wash? That’s because you are overdoing the conditioning.  

For gaining the benefits of a leave-in conditioner you need to hit the right balance. The one that does not make your hair greasy nor does it leave the hair dry and frizzy.

As every hair type is different thus the regime of the leave-in conditioning for each is also different. We will be discussing each hair type and how often should they be conditioned.

1. Leave-in conditioner for dry hair

If the ends of your hair are dry and frizzy you need to get yourself a hydrating leave-in condition for dry hair. For dry and frizzy hair, it is convenient to use a leave-in conditioner every day. However, check the instructions given on your leave-in conditioner for dry hair as some lightweight conditioners can be used on a daily basis and other heavy conditioners can be applied once a week.  

Secondly, the usage of a leave-in conditioner for dry hair depends upon how often you wash your hair. If you wash it regularly, there is no harm in applying the product daily as it balances the moisture stripped away by the shampoo, and also it does not build extra weight on your hair due to daily washing.

Knowing your hair is the key, everyone has their kind of dry and frizzy hair. Some get benefits of leave-in conditioner by regular use while others get oily and flat. Know your hair type and use the product accordingly.

2. Leave-in conditioner for frizzy hair

The benefit of a leave-in conditioner is that there is one available for every hair problem. The frizz control products help to tame dry and frizzy hair. It is necessary to look for the details before buying a leave-in conditioner for frizzy hair. The details have clear guidance about how often one should be using the product.

Dry and frizzy hair are results from shampooing regularly because it takes away the needed moisture of the hair. You can either skip everyday shampoo if your hair isn’t dirty or oily or you should apply a leave-in conditioner for frizzy hair with every wash.

Leave-in conditioner for frizzy hair help to overcome this issue by providing an extra boost of moisture and it also enhances the texture of curly frizzy hair by taming the frizz. But if you feel like regular application of leave-in conditioner is too much for your dry and frizzy hair, you should listen to your hair.

3. Leave-in conditioner for wavy hair

Well, who does not love to flaunt the perfect waves! But due to harsh weather or our poor hair care techniques, our hair becomes dry and frizzy. A Leave-in conditioner for wavy hair is the perfect solution for this. It has the right amount of hydration that your waves are in need of. Having a lot of leave-in conditioners for wavy hair on the market, every product is different from the other and thus there can’t be a general rule of how often should it be applied.

For gaining all the benefits of a leave-in conditioner it is important to read the directions. Every leave-in conditioner for wavy hair isn’t for daily use as it might weigh down your hair and make them look greasy.

Hair experts advise to always listen to your hair. If they aren’t dry and frizzy you can skip the leave-in conditioner.

4. Leave-in conditioner for curly hair

Flaunting curls is a dream of every curly hair girl but this dream often turns into a nightmare due to curly frizzy hair. For curly and frizzy hair, there isn’t a perfect guide because every curl is different from others but the common thing between all is that they all need a lot of hydration.

A leave-in conditioner for curls is a must for curly frizzy hair and it should be applied with every wash. Here is a quick tip for girls having curly and frizzy hair, if you want to reshape your curls for the event but your hair does not need a wash. Towel dry your hair and apply a leave-in conditioner for curls, shape your curls with a diffuser and you are good to go.

The benefits of a leave-in conditioner are lot which encourages us to have one for ourselves immediately. Do not delay any longer because your hair will love you for having this. Go get yours!


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