How to Sleep with Curly Hair?

How to Sleep with Curly Hair?

Ways to Sleep with Curly Hair?

 A lot happens while you sleep. Your body regains energy and repairs itself, your skin cells mend themselves, and your hair also rebuilds its damaged parts but a night’s sleep can also turn into a next-day hair mess depending on how you style your curly hair before going to sleep.

It's hard work to sleep on curls because curls tend to lose their shape, become frizzy, and the risk of breakage and damage is always high for curly hair. Whether natural or transitioning curls, the risk doubles, if the hair are long or you are going to bed with wet hair. It is because long hair tends to tangle really quickly and wet hair have weaker bonds. You must pay closer attention if you want to keep those curls intact, free of damage and frizz, when you wake up in the morning. So, what can you really do to protect your curls and keep your hair healthy?

Your curls' ability to maintain their definition overnight depends on your preferred sleeping position, the curly hair products you use, and a few other healthy hair practices. All you need is a protective hairstyle that you can sleep in and a couple of hair products for naturally curly hair.

In this article, we'll look at the best routine to follow while sleeping with natural or transition curly hair and some helpful hints for keeping your curls in place.

How to Protect Curls While Sleeping?


Gather your hair and place it on top of your head. Make a loose bun with a cloth, headband, band, or a satin band. You are less likely to sleep on your hair and cause any damage to them when your hair is gathered at the crown. This hairstyle has minimum friction, the curls do not get crushed and are protected from frizz, and the curl definition remains preserved. To avoid breakage, keep the band loose.



Making a bun with your hair reduces breakage and friction. Before going to bed, use a leave-in conditioner. It will strengthen your hair, allow hair growth, and repair the damage.



Stretch the headscarf over your head and wrap it around. Pull the top gently until your hair is completely encased in it. Tie your hair up at the top. It will save your curls from unnecessary friction and the curls will remain intact.



bread or twists protects your hair by binding them together and decreasing the free fall movement of your curls. They do not get rubbed against your pillowcase or face which helps in maintaining your curl definition. If the braids/twists are too tight, your hair may break at the roots, resulting in traction alopecia. Tie them loosely!


Tips for Protect Curls Overnight

Whether you want to protect your hair to transition style or natural hair without big chops and boost hair growth or wake up with wonderful waves, these few tips may help you achieve your goal. 


  1. Silk Pillow Cover

Silk pillowcases have a host of benefits for your hair and skin health, so kiss the cotton pillowcase goodbye. While cotton can be rough and absorbent, silk and satin are soft and repellent, so they won’t tug at your hair when you toss and turn or absorb your hair’s natural oils. If you're set on using silk pillowcases, you can still reap some of the benefits by wearing a satin or silk bonnet instead.


There are some points you need to consider when buying a silk pillowcase;

  • Genuine Silk: You should only buy pillowcases made of 100% pure mulberry silk. Genuine mulberry silk has the best silky feel of any type. It is smooth, strong, and has a uniform color.
  • Weight: Silk is measured in terms of momme units. The higher the momme unit, the more superior the quality of silk.


  1. Do not Sleep with Wet Hair

If you have an early start the following day and washing your curly hair is a must. Be sure to wash your hair for two to three hours before going to bed. To avoid curly hair tangling and frizz make use of a nice amount of leave-in conditioner. Squeeze out all the extra water from your hair using a microfiber towel. Once your hair is dry plop them up gently with a T-shirt so that your curly hair are nicely secured and the curls are preserved.


  1. Overnight Treatment

The best time to apply nourishing, moisturizing products to your hair so they can absorb them while you sleep is right before bed. On any regular night, whether your hair is wet or dry, styled or not, go for a nourishing leave-in conditioner. Use Mila Rose Hair Care Leave-in Conditioner

to have shiny, moisturized, soften curly hair when you wake up the next day. Choose Mila Rose Deep Shine Treatment, which offers moisture, bounce, and shine to your curly hair. It repairs cellular damage, enhances the curl definition, and makes the hair bonds stronger with its vitamins and protein-enriched formula.


Sleeping with curly hair requires a proper hair care routine to make hair manageable, and free of frizz and damage. Our bad sleeping positions are harmful for curl definition and make them lose their bounce. The above-mentioned hairstyles and tips can be a great guiding tool to keep your curly hair intact.


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