Curly Hair Routine

My Curly hair Journey

My curly hair journey probably went a lot different than yours. While trying to bring back my curls, I found it hard to embrace the journey which caused me to still straighten my hair. Bringing back my curls took two years because of the route I chose to go. I tried all the different techniques, finger twirling, following the curly girl method, and protective styling. I found protective styling the most effective. I did partial sew-in weaves. I still straighten my leave out. When my hair was out of my weave, I straighten it because it was easier to manage for me. I straighten my leave out pretty much every day. I know not the best idea, but I was okay because I still saw my curls. Protein washes were everything for me. The thought of using my Mila Rose natural hair products and still having the best of both worlds was the exciting part. I was able to wear my curly hair and straight hair whenever I felt like it.

Before starting my curly hair journey, I brought my color-damaged hair. Mannnn was my hair damaged and thin. This process did not take long either. With constant washes and using quality ingredients, my hair was back in no time. Mila Rose is sulfate, paraben, PEGs, silicone, mineral oils, and dyes. This is what sets Mila Rose apart from the rest. Many brands only take out sulfate, silicone, and parabens. That is fine, but the oth`ger ingredients are still damaging to your hair and health. I wanted my brand to be able to work for me and my daughter’s hair while being conscious of the ingredients I use. This help my journey a lot and avoided the BIG CHOP when it was time to embrace my curls. I only had to cut off 2 inches of hair. I wanted to grow my hair out as much as possible because if the beautician did have to do a big chop I would have been mentally prepared. After all, a big chop would not have been a major big chop.


My Curly Hair Routine:

I washed my hair once a week using the Nourishing Shampoo and Conditioner. It is infused with protein which helps with the constant heat damage.

I deep conditioned once a week with Mila Rose Deep Conditioner. On my weeks where I stretched my routine, I would use the deep conditioner as a No Poo wash. This can be done with the Mila Rose Deep Conditioner.

            I used a hair moisturizer lotion, Mila Rose Curl Custard, and 2 in 1 Silkening Leave in Conditioner. to style my hair. If my hair was not straight it was thrown in a low bun. Low buns were always my go-to because it is fast and I did not have to look at my awkward curls trying to come back. I still keep the same routine. When my hair was in a sew in I kept the same routing of washing with my leave out. I also applied oil to my scalp. That’s That Magic worked for me and the scent is pleasant. At night I use my Np Tress Treat bonnet to protect my hair.



If you are going through your journey, embrace it! If you don’t like the journey, but still want your curls back you can always hide it under a weave. You can even do low buns like me, high buns. Remember moisturizing is key. Deep condition and use a protein shampoo. You will know if you are protein sensitive if your hair is hard and feels nasty after you washed it.

Protective styling also helps to keep hair moisturize.


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