Postpartum Hair loss

Postpartum Hair loss

Experiencing excessive shedding of hair immediately after you welcome your newborn baby is quite normal. This is because of hormonal changes in the body. The questions most people ask is how long does postpartum hair loss last, and can you prevent it from happening or reduce the effect?

To answer these questions, postpartum hair can last 3 months to one year. It is temporary and during this period, your hair tends to be thin, dry, frizzy, and un-lively. Here goes the answer to the second question; postpartum hair loss cannot be prevented. However, with the use of Mila Rose Cleansing Set, it can be controlled and leaves you with nothing to worry about. One way of controlling postpartum hair loss is by keeping your hair moist and there is no better product to use than the Mila Rose Cleaning Set.

Among the contents of this Cleaning Set includes a Nourishing Shampoo that is suitable for all types of hair. It helps in stimulating the scalp by adding shine to un-lively hair. This helps control frizz. It is also easy to apply, all you need to do is apply a significant amount to hair after which you massage gently into the scalp before you rinse it out.

There is the Mila Rose Nourishing Conditioner for all hair types. This helps with detangling of hair and nourishing the scalp in the process which promotes hair growth. It leaves your hair soft and moisturized rather than dry and frizz. A significant amount is to be applied to hair to after the Nourishing Shampoo.

Another wonderful Mila Rose product that would help you control postpartum is the Deep Conditioner Shine Treatment. This helps add shine to the hair as it moisturizes each strand and eliminating frizz in the process. It is also easy to use, the deep conditioner is to be applied on a damp hair after which you use a shower cap to cover your hair as well as wrapping a towel around your head. You are advised to leave on for 15 minutes or longer depending on your hair type. It can also be left overnight and it is totally safe.

Postpartum hair loss is a normal occurrence but that doesn’t mean you would have to wait it out. Get yourself a Mila Rose Cleaning Set and step out with a lively, moist, and shiny hair. Mila Rose cleaning set is just what your hair needs.

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