What is Leave In Conditioner?

What is Leave In Conditioner?

Keeping your hair healthy can be a major hassle.

Often times, it can seem as though split ends, breakage and dryness reigns no matter what you try. Add that to the time demands of work, college or whatever else you’ve got going on, and healthy hair can seem further and further away from your grasp no matter how much you try to achieve it.

Thankfully, the solution is easier than you think.

The solution to all of your hair woes can be found in one very inexpensive, simple and truly crucial product: the leave-in conditioner.

Why a leave-in conditioner can be the solution to all of your hair problems

If you’re like many other women or men, you’ve definitely tossed your head at the thought of a leave-in conditioner before.

Leave-in conditioner? I’ll just use my moisturiser or run a bit of oil through my hair. I’ll be fine!”

This is the mistake that so many women make – one that leaves them with strands that feel soft and smooth for about an hour before becoming parched all over again. The truth is, a leave-in conditioner is just as important to your hair routine as your moisturiser and oil are.

Leave-in conditioners are meant to be used right after your weekly/bi-weekly wash. They are formulated with conditioning agents, botanical extracts and nourishing oils that begin to seal the moisture from your wash into your hair.  Therefore, your moisturiser and oil should follow up your leave-in, not replace it completely! The more layers that you use to seal in your hair’s hydration, the less quickly water evaporates from the hair shaft.

Remember – dry hair breaks. Just by adding a natural, nourishing leave-in conditioner to your haircare regimen, you’ll soon find that your hair dries out less, remains supple for days and doesn’t snap or split as quickly.

Got curly hair? Don’t skimp on the leave-in.

Every hair type benefits from leave-in conditioners, but if you have curly, coily or kinky strands, leave-ins are what helps the curves and kinks in your hair strand to remain moisturised and pliable. As you know, curly hair is much more prone to dryness and breakage because of how long natural oils take to find their way down the twists and turns of the hair strand.

Apply a generous amount of leave-in conditioner after every wash. You can even re-apply mid-week to ensure that your hair remains soft and moist.

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