TikTok Curly Hair Trends

TikTok Curly Hair Trends

What's Trending on Tiktok?

If we look around in search of the most trending app among youngsters then, a name that immediately comes into our minds is ‘TikTok’. A person's naturally curly hair journey does not halt merely a few people joining the stream rather it is becoming one of the most influential trends. In this wave, more and more people are trying to wash their hands and TikTok has provided them a decent platform to exhibit their thoughts plus experiences on curly hair tutorials.

There are a total of two kinds of people on TikTok who are centralizing the curly hair topic. One kind is sharing experiences and hacks with the relevant audience while the other kind is already mentioned consumers who are utilizing those hacks and tactics in their hair to transition journey.

Trends To Follow

While dealing with different phases of curly hair growth, people always go out on the hunt of finding something new and better for the health of their transitioning curls. Mostly, this search ends on TikTok curly hair hack as there is the bulk of beauty influencers who want us to come and learn to take extra care of our curls, from them.

These lately learned techniques might be new to us but they have been a part of the naturally curly hair routine of black people, for years. So, our quest to transition curly hair is not a mere desire but can also be a step toward self-empowerment.

Trying out new things with our hair feels really great and refreshing. With the backup of a dominating brand named "Mila Rose Hair Care”, we will make an effort to present you with some TikTok trends of recent times. We assure you that these hacks will work wonders for your natural hair without big chop.

  1. Alternating Shampoo Plus Conditioner

Curly hair feels more inclined towards dryness than straight ones. According to TikTok, the usage of a better shampoo and conditioner is the key to your curls' health. We recommend you should use curl-specified hair products if you want some tremendous impacts on your hair growth. Let us present you with the brand of reliance. People all around the world are using their products and deciding to never shift their shampoo and conditioner, ever again.

Try Mila Rose's products to help your transitioning curls progress. After trying out these commodities, you will be able to differentiate between your present and past experiences. Moreover, Mila Rose's hair care products are sulfate and silicon free which makes them gentle on your scalp.

  1. First of all, Nourishing shampoo enriched with Soya Protein and Neroli Oil by Mila Rose lather easily and help you to remove all kinds of scalp buildups.
  2. Secondly, Mila Rose's deep conditioner made up of brilliant ingredients also works miraculously. It helps your hair with dehydrating and tangling issues plus leaves your hair frizz-free.


2. Plopping Technique

This strategy applies after a shower. Instead of letting your hair air dry or use a blow drier. People with curly hair are moving towards plopping their hair in a cotton t-shirt or a scarf to dry their roots. Some TikTokers believe that 15 minutes are enough but some let it as it is for a whole night. Do you know how you can improve the results even more? By using Mila Rose’s defining curl custard of course. So, apply a moderate amount of this custard before plopping and end up with exceptional transition curly hair results.

  1. Bathrobe Curls

This method is the best alternative to other curling techniques. It saves your hair from extreme heat damage and helps you to have natural hair without big chop. You just need to wrap your semi-damp hair with a bathrobe, in the form of a braid or something. Leave it be for a whole night and then moisturize your recently formed curls with the leave-in conditioner by Mila Rose.

In the end, for an even better result, take some previously mentioned custard on your fingers and move them through your curls.

  1. Diffusing

We know that diffusing is not a new thing for people with curly hair. But there might be a possibility that you are doing it wrong all along. Nowadays, TikTokers are covering almost every single trick for the betterment of your naturally curly hair, and diffusing is one of them. Here, we will share a new way for you to embrace this strategy.

  1. Firstly, apply a leave-in conditioner and defining curl custard by Mila Rose, in your hair, then set your diffuser on its downward setting if possible.
  2. Secondly, do not touch your hair and let the diffuser do the work of hardening the custard onto your hair and defining curls.
  3. Thirdly, diffuse your roots before going towards the other parts.


TikTok has been the base of emerging trends since its release time and now it also provides a space line for naturally curly hair embellishments. Moreover, Mila Rose Hair Care helps you to design an inventory of the most beneficial techniques for your beautiful curls.

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