What’s The Difference Between Curl Custard and Gel?

What’s The Difference Between Curl Custard and Gel?

If you have made it here, you must be really eager to finally find a defining curl product that is best for your curls. There has always been a great debate about curl custard vs gel. Which one is good? Which one delivers the better results? But the conclusion we usually get makes us more confused than before.

We have gathered all the pros and cons of defining custard and gel that will lead you to make the best decision for your hair. Let’s probe the difference between curl custard vs gel.

Gel vs Curl Custard?

Gel – A hair gel is a jelly-like substance that is used on wet hair to hold the hair in a specific style. It has a thin consistency that dries out and dissolves in the hair. 

Curl custard – A defining curl custard is a creamy textured defining curl product that is used on wet hair to hydrate, nourish, and define the curls. Hair custard has somewhat a thick consistency than a hair gel.

Curl Custard Vs Gel, what to Prefer?

Curl custard vs gel, this comparison has been made by many because somewhat both the curl-defining products are used for holding curls. Gel being more widely used has become a comfort zone but they often make the curls crunchy and brittle. In a curl custard vs gel situation, gels have better hold but do not fulfill curly hair's nourishment needs.

Those who have been using curl custard prefer the defining custard over gels because this one product single-handedly solves several issues curly heads encounter.

  1. Nourishment

Curl custard vs gel, the former contains a variety of nourishing and hydrating ingredients in it that helps to bring back the curls to life. It satisfies their need for hydration which they are lacking due to their natural texture. Curls are prone to breakage, being brittle, and forming split ends because of the dryness which is dealt courageously by hair custard. The super responsive components of curly hair custard manage to enhance the naturally curly texture of the hair providing a proper definition to them that is long-standing. 

  1. Damage

In the curl custard vs gel foe, we have also noticed that gels can be very damaging in the long run if used constantly. As being thick and not permeable, gels form an outer layering on the hair and prevent them from breathing which weakens the hair. As compared to hair custard, gels contain alcohol in them that is a highly dehydrating agent and absolutely harmful to the hair’s health. Lacking nourishing abilities contribute to dandruff and the hair becomes dry, brittle, and prone to hair loss. 

  1. Hold

In terms of having a better hold between curl custard vs gel, a curly hair custard is a rather more hydrating and nourishing product that may not provide a strong hold as gel but it is a preferred option because it isn’t harmful in the long run. It won’t dry out your curls and won’t stop them from breathing. Defining custard does have holding power and it holds the curls giving a pretty natural soft look.

  1. Prevents frizz

The main problem curls bring with them is hair frizz. Curly hair tends to get frizzy because their dry and damaged hair cuticles absorb the humidity from the air and swell which results in frizz and loss of curly or wavy texture. Curl custard for natural hair contains certain well-working super ingredients that heal the damaged cuticles and seal them. Hence preventing the loss of moisture and stopping the cuticles from absorbing humidity which solves the hair frizz.   

  1. Soft and crunchy curls

The best curl custard is the one that enhances the curls and makes them soft, fluffy, and beautifully healthy. If we see the results of curl custard vs gel, curly hair custard is known for delivering soft curls that are uplifting the natural texture and are properly defined. Whereas people have experienced that gel makes the hair crunchy and its long time use can even damage the hair making them dehydrated and brittle.

  1. Defining curls

Defining curls on natural hair requires the correct hydration, nourishment, and definition. In a curl custard vs gel battle, we have found the custard for curly hair as being more hydrating, and nourishing, and provides defined curls. While gels are as good as they are at holding the curl pattern for a longer duration, they are not designed to deliver moisture, nutrients, or define curls.

People prefer defining curl custard for a variety of reasons. The benefits that it brings with it are praiseworthy, the one on the top is that curly hair custard provides defined curls that are soft, smooth, and enduring. If you prioritize soft smooth curls you may also opt for a curl custard. Get yourself one by pressing the link here.



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